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The Lantern Edge

Lantern BI from Modemetric is an enterprise-grade, Modern Business Intelligence platform providing self-service, centralized governance, predictive analytics and a virtualization model that turns data from any source to actionable insight.

Lantern’s Dynamic Metadata architecture enables IT to virtualize and centrally manage their business-critical information, while offering a decentralized, flexible and powerful self-service data visualization environment for line of business. Lantern BI empowers today’s Enterprise to quickly and effectively:

Virtualize – Intelligence through Dynamic Metadata model eliminates need for data lakes or warehouses

Harmonize – Drag and drop connectivity that prepares data from any source in real-time

Visualize – Self-service for advanced, interactive reports and dashboards with Centralized Governance.

Analyze – Embedded modeling for predictive analytics provides rapid time to insight for effective decisions and outcomes


Lantern connects to any data source with its revolutionary and patented deployment platform


Accesses critical and actionable business data at the speed of light - Lantern's light


Slices and dices data, creates infinitely flexible reports that truly redefine actionable insights

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