Almoiz Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Pakistan.

Case Study

Almoiz Group

Almoiz Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Pakistan, with major investments in the sugar, textiles, steel and energy industries. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency and modernization, they have a total combined workforce of over 6,000, and manufacture over 7% of the total sugar produced in Pakistan.

Organization : Almoiz Group
Location : Pakistan
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Industry : Textiles, sugar, steel and energy

We were fortunate to have the time and access to evaluate a number of BI technologies to resolve our reporting challenges. Modemetric’s enterprise-scale functionality and focus on speed and simplicity proved to be the best fit for our immediate needs and long-term IT strategy.

Nauman Khan
Managing Director


Given the scope, production and output of Almoiz Group, their executive team chose Oracle E-Business Suite Financials to increase efficiency through a centralized architecture for accounting processes, specifically in their textiles manufacturing unit. After deployment, there was an immediate and ongoing requirement for 60 reports, which were outsourced and managed by Oracle’s leading services provider in the region, given the complexity of the system. This service provider was utilizing Oracle’s own Reporting tools to roll out the required reports for Moiz Textiles on their accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger data. While this outsourced environment worked for the immediate term, it was also very labor intensive and costly given complexity of the systems. Moiz Textiles also realized this model did not provide the control, visibility and self-sufficiency to analyze the business-critical data and build reports as needed.

Executives at Almoiz had been working on charting out a BI strategy for the Enterprise, and were looking to consolidate self-service reporting for all business units. They had both traditional BI and data visualization requirements, and were evaluating most of the leading BI products to address these requirements.

Process & Solution

Almoiz chose to evaluate Modemetric’s Lantern BI platform, specifically looking for a self-service, fast approach to creating, running and managing reports as well as adding a degree of end-user flexibility and rapid adoption, which was inconceivable with the other tools they were evaluating.

After understanding the reporting and visualization requirements for the ongoing project of 60 reports, the Modemetric Customer Success team agreed to deploy a parallel Lantern reporting solution to the one being deployed by the Oracle services partner. This would help Almoiz compare Lantern with the Oracle BI suite in a live environment.

Our initial success with the Lantern Platform in our textiles unit gave us the confidence to deploy the solution across the entire Almoiz group; by connecting and harmonizing data from all our key systems, such as Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics; another proof-point of our goals to continue leading through quality and innovation.

Haider Jabbar
Group COO

Lantern has put our business-critical IT data into the hands our line of business teams—we want them to be able to analyze and make immediate sense of the data, as well as predict any upcoming costs or challenges we should be aware of.

Haisan Jaffri
Textiles COO

Modemetric provided us with a simplified, consolidated platform which gave us the self-service approach to reporting we needed, and saved us over 80% in time and effort from our previous system.

Asif Iqbal
IT Head


Utilizing Lantern’s core dynamic metadata architecture meant by the time the Oracle business partner had deployed 10 of the 60 reports, the Modemetric team had completed the entire 60-report requirement; over 80% faster and using the same number of resources as the original project. Because of the way Lantern is architected, the Modemetric team only had to create 14 Lantern reports to capture all 60 reporting requirements of the initial reports. Unlike the traditional, fairly static BI reports, each Lantern report contains hundreds of built in features for “on the fly” data analysis and visualization -- meaning the information generated within each Lantern report is an order of magnitude greater than a traditional BI report, and can subsequently be displayed, maneuvered and analyzed to gain immediate actionable insight. The reports generated were also reusable, meaning various teams, departments and stakeholders could benefit from the same information pertaining to their own business scenarios, saving valuable time in training and customization.

Lantern reports also contain a number of prebuilt visualization options, such as the platform’s dashboard and online analytical processing (OLAP) functionality which met all of Almoiz’s data visualization and reporting requirements.

Lantern provides Almoiz a single, consolidated platform that offers the enterprise-grade security, architecture and user management of a traditional BI platform, with the end user control and flexibility of a data visualization tool. After the successful deployment at Moiz Textiles, Almoiz Group selected Lantern as its primary enterprise BI platform, and is deploying it throughout all business units; across the sugar, textiles, steel and energy industries. In addition, Lantern will facilitate their data consolidation/harmonization by connecting it to their Microsoft Dynamic implementation to ensure the data is consistent and contextualized with the information coming from Oracle. By eliminating the recurring service costs and bringing the technology “in house” to quickly train and empower data experts, Almoiz achieved a return on their Lantern investment in just 3 months, and continues to innovate by uncovering the hidden data and opportunities across their enterprise.

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