Naubahar Bottling Company (NBC) is one of the largest pepsi franchises in the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region.

Case Study

Naubahar bottling company

Naubahar Bottling Company (NBC) is one of the largest Pepsi franchises in the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region. With a workforce of over 3,000, NBC dominates the highly populated Pakistani market. They have one of the best market shares of any Pepsi bottling franchise in the world, supplying over 60% of all beverages sold in their territory.

Organization : NBC Pepsi
Location : Pakistan
Website :
Industry : Beverages, FMCG

We are always seeking to improve the quality, accuracy and insightfulness of our data coming from a host of business-critical sources, and Lantern helps us take that information to predict trends, uncover opportunities and improve competitive advantage.

Modemetric allowed us to contextualize our data across our ERP systems and bring it “in house”, freeing us from external service costs for reporting. We realized a savings of 90% on our very first project

Azam Jawaid
General Manager


With a constant focus on their shareholders and market position, NBC is always looking for ways to increase operational efficiency and turn real-time data into a competitive advantage. They made several significant investments in IT applications and systems, which often required very specialized resources to customize and maintain. Due to the volumes and complexity of data as well as the sheer number of business-critical systems in use, the NBC data team outsourced the development of reports, dashboards and analytics to a leading BI services company, who were utilizing SAP Crystal Reports and Business Objects to cater to NBC’s BI needs.

The challenges of this outsourced services model for reporting soon became very evident; any additional BI requirements for reports or dashboards meant the services company would have to utilize highly technical SAP experts and spend weeks, or even months writing custom code to deliver the new layouts. The heavy costs associated with lengthy service engagements, lack of reusability and overall complexity of custom code were becoming unsustainable. Also, the lag between new requirements and delivery of updated report and dashboard layouts resulted in late or “after the fact” reporting—definitely not the “real time” data analysis NBC wanted to achieve.

Process & Solution

The Modemetric team worked closely with NBC to understand their reporting priorities across their key business-critical systems, then demonstrated the Lantern BI platform on NBC’s live data coming from their Sales and Production data systems. Modemetric would deploy a set of pre-defined, feature-rich interactive Lantern reports on NBC’s data. These reports are also reusable as Lantern comes with the functionality to quickly create or dynamically modify reports which in this case provided all the data points needed to demonstrate NBC’s initial reporting requirements. Lantern also provides an easy to use interface which allows additional requirements to be quickly captured and deployed by the end user—all without writing a single line of code.

What sold us was when we saw how quickly Lantern was able to add new requirements to existing reports and deploy multiple reporting projects simultaneously. Modemetric accomplished in 7 days what had previously taken 6 months.

Tanwir Qureshi
Head of Sales and Marketing

Lantern has definitely brought our IT and line of business teams closer together; it drastically reduced the cycle time it took to implement new reports based on requirements coming from the business side.

Shahid Karim
IT Manager


In just 7 days from the start of the project, one Modemetric BI consultant deployed the first set of reports for NBC using the Lantern Platform. This set included ongoing NBC reporting requirements that had already taken months of development time with their BI services company, without going live. The entire set of Lantern reports rolled out by the Modemetric team in 7 days would have taken the BI services company over 6 months with the suite of SAP tools NBC was utilizing; a 90% savings in time and costs.

Lantern’s extensive yet user-friendly feature-set makes new report and dashboard development fast, easy and cost-effective which has changed the entire scope of reporting at NBC Pepsi. Demand and consumption of new information by business users has grown exponentially, and the Lantern platform enables IT to meet those needs dynamically by quickly rolling out new report requirements in tandem, as opposed to keeping stakeholders waiting while projects roll out progressively.

After the successful phase I deployment on the Sales and Production data, NBC is now deploying Lantern BI across the enterprise, integrating data from SAP A1 and a custom-built CRM system, to create highly interactive reports, analytics and dashboards. Lantern’s enterprise-grade BI functionality and advanced analytics capabilities turn data from any source into actionable insight; providing real-time analysis and visibility for NBC.

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