Qarshi Industries one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of holistic foods and medicinal products.

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Qarshi Industries

As one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of holistic foods and medicinal products, Qarshi Industries promotes a natural, healthy approach for today’s lifestyles. For over seven decades Qarshi has provided a unique combination of age-old Oriental and Greek herbal solutions with the latest advancements in science and technology to provide safe and effective products to its customers. With a dedication to excellence in every item and absolute quality control across all phases of the manufacturing process, Qarshi has its eyes on new and emerging markets and aims to be a global leader in holistic products.

Organization : Qarshi Industries
Location : Pakistan
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Industry : Holistic foods, Medicinal Products

Lantern is an excellent Decision Support Tool which has added real value to our company by enabling us to view our data in ways that were inconceivable with our existing architecture. Its Customized Calendar feature and capability of handling Multi-Source Data are unique attributes that distinguish it from other conventional DSS tools. The speed with which the Modemetric team deployed insightful new reports and dashboards on our sales data has convinced us to weave our entire BI road map around the Lantern platform, and we are looking forward to rolling it out across the enterprise.

Zanish Gul, ACA
GM Operational Finance,
Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Limited


While always looking to review strategies to increase sales in the domestic market, Qarshi is also focused on international growth; both segments bringing their respective challenges. Domestically, Qarshi saw that many items had a very seasonal buying pattern which meant a finite period in which to optimize planning and production to maximize sales. Internationally, they are looking to expand into untapped markets. In order to meet these challenges, reliable reporting and visibility was needed so Qarshi’s key stake-holders could monitor sales progression against targets and make timely decisions.
Since Qarshi was using customized ERP, other vendors suggested a roadmap which involved fresh implementation of an ERP solution and then deployment of a BI solution. This roadmap was estimated to be eight to twelve months in duration. Other challenges included migration from existing to new ERP, change management effort and benefit realization only after the complete deployment of ERP and BI solutions.

Process & Solution

After scoping out the initial need to collect data from the ERP system that stores data in a SQL database, the Modemetric team was able to ascertain the key components to effective reporting on real and projected sales information with respect to targets. The Lantern Platform, Modemetric’s flagship BI, Advanced Analytics and Data Integration product was able to provide the specific features Qarshi would need to best capture all the relevant information from the ERP system into a singular view, such as Dynamic Period Options, Filters and drill-down, and the ability to display information in multiple dashboard styles.


Qarshi wanted to ensure they chose a BI and reporting solution that was the best fit for their evolving IT strategy, and logically turned to their ERP vendor first. However, after an initial evaluation of the Lantern Platform, Qarshi was able to install and deploy the solution; easily connecting it to their existing ERP system. They found their immediate requirement to make their ERP data visible for planning and forecasting could be easily met by using Lantern’s powerful visualization capabilities. After seeing the ease of instalment, integration and deployment, they selected the Lantern Platform which eliminated any need for additional ERP modifications or associated migration efforts.
In a matter of days, not months Qarshi began displaying the consolidated and harmonized data into over 20 OLAP reports and dashboards with various charts and gauges for their Sales teams. This included specific display requests such as customized axis (Million/Billion/Kgs) which allowed the reports to be easily understood by their key stakeholders. With an emphasis on security and user management, Lantern provided these singular views with respective custom calendars, advanced filtering and drill-down tailored for the roles of each individual user, saving them valuable time and effort in searching across multiple systems. By using the advanced formula fields and variance functions available with Lantern, Qarshi is now equipped with actionable insight to analyze current paradigms and models in order to predict favorable outcomes to meet their growth objectives and gain a competitive advantage in their target markets.

From these initial reports, Qarshi was able to save their IT department time and money by easily modifying the information to customize the output and expand them to over 40 reports covering performance monitoring, target measurement based on regions, seasons, products, divisions, management and more, which are scheduled on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and YOY basis.

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