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Modemetric is redefining what is possible: bringing speed, flexibility and power to BI for better, faster business insights

For over 10 years Modemetric has been pioneering and transforming the way today's forward-looking organizations utilize Business Intelligence to maximize insight and achieve favorable outcomes from data extracted from any source. Our commitment to customer success, by providing continuous product innovation based on our customers’ requirements and maintaining the highest quality of service and support, has earned us trust and long-standing relationships which have translated to a 100% customer retention to date.

Modemetric is redefining what is possible: bringing speed, flexibility and power to BI for better, faster business insights. Our flagship product, Lantern BI incorporates fundamental changes to how software solutions are created, deployed and utilized, resulting in visualization and analytical power that is inconceivable in the Traditional BI environment.

The Modemetric Team

Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Operating Executives.


Sheikh Afzaal Ahmed

Afzaal is Cofounder and Chairman of the Board at Modemetric. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 35 years of experience successfully running his textiles company in Pakistan. His business network spans across the world, with extensive business dealings in North America, Europe, the Middle East and China. At Modemetric, Afzaal helps defines the long-term strategic goals of the company.

Outside of his business interests, Afzaal has created and actively manages a welfare organization in Pakistan, which provides access to clean drinking water, interest-free microfinance, financial aid to college students, and free healthcare. He has also served in a number of elected positions in the private sector to help improve the business landscape in Pakistan, most prominently as the Vice President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

Ahmad Raza

Raza is Cofounder, CEO and Chief Software Architect at Modemetric. Raza is a serial inventor, and prior to his work at Modemetric, developed and successfully marketed an ERP product across the Middle East and Pakistan. In 2006, Raza achieved the final breakthrough for an idea he had been working on for over 30 years; an idea that had the potential to change the way software solutions were created, deployed and utilized.

Over the next few years, Raza developed the idea, honed the underlying technology, and created Lantern, the most innovative BI product in the world.

Interestingly, Raza never received formal IT education. He was an Associate Cost and Management Accountant who, because of an unfortunate back injury, was practically bed-ridden for 3 years. Wanting to utilize the time off productively, Raza took up programming as a hobby. Little did he know at the time, that he would go on to teach programming to college master's students, develop his own ERP solution, and create a revolutionary BI product.

Asad I. Sheikh

Asad is Cofounder and President at Modemetric. He brings a passion for entrepreneurship and the rapidly evolving tech space, along with experience in a number of different verticals, including textiles, energy, real estate, equities and commodities.

A Duke University grad, with a specialization in marketing and management, Asad takes a keen interest in the company’s marketing initiatives and sales processes, building these out from the ground up. He also leads global strategy, and helps define and execute key investment decisions, aligning them with Modemetric’s long-term vision.

Asad loves to play soccer, and is a lifelong Manchester United fan. He also plays squash, and represented Duke at the US Squash College Nationals.

US Team

Adrian van Haaften

Adrian is the Chief Marketing Officer at Modemetric US. He is a veteran marketing executive with a 15+ year track record of leading the introduction of innovative new software products to the global market. He has launched startups from the ground-up and also led marketing teams at the high-growth Fortune 1000 companies.

Based in San Francisco, Adrian brings a passion for bringing game-changing soutions to market.

Adrian is truly a citizen of the world: born in Japan, he was raised in The Netherlands and emigrated to Canada before settling in the US. He is an avid trail runner and open water swimmer who enjoys all the outdoors opportunities that the San Francisco Bay Area offers.

Mark Quesenberry

Mark is the General Manager and Vice President of Sales at Modemetric US. With more than 20 years experience taking new products and services to the market, while partnering with both mature global firms and nascent tech start-ups in the US and abroad, he is a true believer in the "challenge the norm" culture of Silicon Valley and pushing for continuous improvement.

Based in San Francisco, Mark relishes every opportunity to be outside and active with his family and friends.

Dan Gallo

Dan is the Director of Sales Consulting at Modemetric US. He has spent 17 years in pre-sales roles for both startups and enterprise leaders such as Oracle. Dan brings a ‘customer first’ approach to sales consulting which helps customers communicate key problematic areas and the consequences of those issues, which help us offer more appropriate solutions.Dan spent 8 years in the US Navy serving the pacific fleet with responsibilities in secure data transfer and tactical air support for the US and NATO operations.

Dan and his family reside in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys spending time at the beach, hiking, and doing anything outdoors.

Pakistan Team

Fahad Azizuddin

Fahad is VP Product Management at Modemetric Pakistan. He brings more than 20 years of IT consulting and management experience, particularly in the areas of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence/Analytics and Mobile applications. As VP of Product Management, Fahad is responsible for product strategy and user experience. In the US, Fahad has led BI consulting teams across various industries while working with companies like IBM, MicroStrategy and Siebel/Oracle. Most recently, Fahad has held senior management positions at various product and services organizations in Pakistan, leading their BI and Mobile practices. He spent his formative years at Goldman Sachs in New York supporting enterprise systems.

Fahad has a BA in Economics from Bard College and an MS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to data driven analytical systems, Fahad is passionate about farming and owns a goat farm in the outskirts of Lahore.

Faisal Amin

Faisal is the Vice President for Data Warehouse Development at Modemetric Pakistan. He is an experienced IT leader with over 18 years of diverse experience in project and product management, software architecture and design, as well as hands on software engineering. He has a proven track record of building competitive, professional teams, as well as offshore development centers with state-of-the-art software delivery capabilities.

Faisal has delivered a number of successful solutions in the areas of Enterprise Applications, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, ERP Systems, Supply Chain and Web-based applications, in both Pakistan and the United States.

Faisal is an avid cricket fan, and passionately supports the Pakistan cricket team.

Farqan Rizvi

Farqan is the Vice President of Operations at Modemetric Pakistan. He joined the company having already established an excellent track record of developing and implementing internal controls, and management reporting systems, most prominently with his work at one of Pakistan's largest, government-owned utility companies.

While Farqan is primarily responsible for ensuring that Modemetric's internal operations are running smoothly, he has played an integral part in assisting the technical team develop Lantern. He's been particularly instrumental in helping devise a strategy for the financial features of the product, such as automated financial statements and ratios.

Farqan is very fond of hiking and the outdoors, and is a certified scouting unit leader. He has initiated and lead a number of company retreats to the scenic mountainous regions of Northern Pakistan.

Hammad Asghar

Hammad is the Vice President for Development at Modemetric Pakistan. He is a vastly experienced software programmer and project leader, with decades of experience rolling out IT projects in the healthcare industry.

In his role at Modemetric, Hammad manages and coordinates the development effort for Lantern, working closely with Raza to ensure that the product fully incorporates all user requirements and wish-lists. His extensive experience of winning and successfully implementing large-scale IT projects has proved to be invaluable to Modemetric, as the company enters the competitive BI space.

Hammad is a constant feature at Modemetric's Sports Club, where he can be seen displaying his skills on the badminton court.

Mustafa Shah

Syed Mustafa Shah is the VP Customer Success at Modemetric Pakistan. Mustafa brings with him over 17 years of experience in managing large scale IT systems implementation. He started his career as a programmer and moved on to become GM IT in the largest construction company of Pakistan. As an Account Manager, he has managed clients from across the globe like France, Norway, South Africa, Australia, USA, UAE and China, etc.

Mustafa is responsible for maintaining good business relationships with clients by making sure that the clients achieve their business goals with Lantern. It is his responsibility to decipher clients’ technical requirements and identify the real value that Lantern can provide.

Mustafa is a graduate from FAST National University, Lahore. He loves outdoor sports like soccer and cricket and holds unconditional support for Pakistan Cricket team.

Tanveer Aslam

Tanveer is the Vice President for Research and Development at Modemetric Pakistan. He is one of a number of executives Raza retained from his previous company, where they successfully rolled out a number of successful ERP projects, in Pakistan and beyond. Tanveer is an experienced team-leader, with years of software development and project management experience.

In his role at Modemetric, Tanveer has been instrumental in helping select, finalize and implement specifications for Lantern. Tanveer is often tasked to handle some of the more innovative feature ideas for Lantern, because of his out-of-the-box, research oriented approach.

Tanveer takes a keen interest in Astronomy. Ironically, given his technology background, he refuses to use automated telescopes, because he believes that the real value lies in the journey of manually tracking and discovering planets and nebulae.

Sana Javed

Sana is Senior Manager of Human Resources and Shared Services at Modemetric Pakistan. A Senior Certified Professional-SCP from SHRM, she has over 9 years of experience in establishing and managing HR departments from the ground up, for both private and public sector organizations in Pakistan.

Sana has quickly established herself as an HR expert in Pakistan’s fast-growing tech space, with a particular focus on Organizational Culture, Strategic HRM and Organizational Development. She has created focused and transparent work environments at some of the leading tech companies in Pakistan, fostering a culture geared towards achievement of organizational goals and employee-management synergy. Apart from being a natural when it comes to bridging gaps between management and workforce, Sana also believes in striking a balance between employee well-being and business success through implementation and continuous improvement of consistent performance management.

Sana is an avid reader, a private poet and a travel enthusiast who appreciates art in all its forms. Her love for traveling the world and seeking adventures on trekking trips is only trumped by her love for Tiramisu.

Tariq Sarwar

Tariq is Senior Manager of Applications at Modemetric Pakistan. He has over 15 years of experience developing solutions for Oracle EBS and SAP A1 at some of the leading IT companies in Pakistan.

In his role at Modemetric, Tariq has led the development BI application solutions for clients on a number of underlying data platforms. He helps roll out solution implementations by technically aligning Modemetric’s products with customer requirements. With the years of platform knowledge that Tariq brings to the table, he has also helped drive the product development vision by identifying the BI challenges associated with complex data systems.

In his spare time, Tariq enjoys computer programming and has a passion for gadgets. He particularly likes remote-controlled airplanes and hopes to master the art of flying one without wrecking it.


To be the trusted Business Intelligence leader through technology innovation.

  • To drive customer success by maximizing business insight through disruptive Business Intelligence solutions.
  • To earn customer loyalty by understanding their needs and providing reliable, high quality service.
  • To improve the lives of our employees by creating a culture that excites, engages and instills ownership of shared goals.
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