The Lantern Edge
Dashboards Optimize views for maximum data reliability, presentation and aesthetics Display data in an easy-to-understand, real-time environment Consolidate data from disparate sources into a singular, interactive view

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.


Lantern utilizes game-changing features and technology to provide real-time, interactive views and dashboard capabilities unknown to Traditional BI tools. This allows both BI and Line of Business to benefit from a simplified, “no coding” interface by providing their stakeholders with powerful, easy-to-understand dashboarding based on aesthetics with drill-down functionality to provide a singular view in place of multiple reports.

Dashboard objects in Lantern are live and actionable. User can connect different dashboard objects with each other. This enables a user to apply a filter on one object and view its impact on other objects. With this feature, complex analysis can be performed by end users instantaneously.

Lantern’s metadata is shared across its standalone, client server, mobile, and web based versions. A report, dashboard, or any other Lantern object created in one edition of Lantern will always be available in other screens or devices. This design allows for “futureproof” dashboards which take any use-case or pattern into consideration to meet the needs of today’s enterprise.


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