The Lantern Edge
Dynamic Metadata Increase processing and reporting speeds to serve “real-time” information Easily reuse and modify data incrementally Run reports concurrently, consecutively or in batch without bandwidth issues

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.

Dynamic Metadata

The unique design and architecture of Lantern is based on the use of Dynamic Metadata, which allows you to run the most accurate, consolidated and powerful reports in the market with lightning-fast processing speeds. Dynamic Metadata allows the metadata within the reports to be created “on the fly” which facilitates an increased amount of data to be consolidated; turning what used to be “standard reports” into a singular, interactive view containing exponentially more data which can then be filtered or drilled-down just as one would an interactive dashboard.

Lantern’s Dynamic Metadata architecture provides the best-in-class BI and advanced data discovery functionality with a constant emphasis on comprehensive security based on a modern 3p-tiered model that includes the DAL, BLL and UI layer accordingly.

The use (and reuse) of Dynamic Metadata not only provides the solution with the “back-bone” for game-changing functionality not found in any Traditional BI tools. The same Dynamic Metadata used to generate one report can also supply the same results to any number of concurrent reports to increase data quality and standardization as well as reduce the risk of inaccurate or outdated information.


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