The Lantern Edge
Financials Benefit from best-in-class BI capabilities for all financial reporting Save time with pre-defined statements for statutory and internal reporting Rely on advanced formulas for trend analysis, comparative statements, reporting periods and more.

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.


The Lantern platform offers today’s finance professionals charged with the management and reporting for their organization’s financial requirements a complete suite of BI tools including data visualization in, graphs, gauges, OLAP, scorecards, hierarchical reports, data integration, data mapping, and data transformation with flexible & dynamic date controls, customized comparisons, segmental breakdown and drill down power.

Financial professionals can save time generating predefined statements to meet statutory and international corporate regulatory requirements. It also generates the financials as per internal requirement of management. A sample of available financials from the Lantern menu:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Local Corporate Regulator
  • Management accounts

Comparative statements, trend analysis and reporting periods are just some of the powerful tools included in the Lantern Platform which allow financial professionals the ability to fill in the gaps left by traditional financial statements and reporting.


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