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Connectivity: Bring together data from anywhere and create reports.Partnering with Modemetric gives you a prime advantage to expand your market reach through a best-of-breed BI and Advanced Analytics technology which goes far beyond the capabilities of Traditional BI. Modemetric boasts a 100% customer retention rate as we are dedicated to customer success and that includes our partner ecosystem. Find out how the Lantern Platform can help you obtain a competitive advantage in growing your customer base and market-share.

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Modemetric partner program

Systems Integrators

Best-in-class specialists to develop and execute a successful BI strategy for your organization.


Authorized vendors of Modemetric solutions with specialized market, geography and industry expertise.

Technology Providers

Technology providers using Modemetric’s revolutionary visualization and analytics solutions to compliment their offering.

Become a Partner

Lantern’s architecture and futureproof deployment option scale to meet the needs of any organization. Download our Datasheet for a quick overview of requirements.


“Modemetric provided us with a simplified, consolidated platform which gave us the self-service approach to reporting we needed, and saved us over 80% in time and effort from our previous system.”

Asif Iqbal
IT Head, Almoiz Group


Here you’ll find information on use case scenarios, best practices and customer successes which illustrate the unique approach and overall value of the Lantern Platform.

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