The Lantern Edge
Period Options Gain the maximum relevance of your data queries Reduce manual processes, time and effort through reusability Eliminate the complexity of building advanced reports and views

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.

Period Options

The Lantern platform provides a unique functional-set which expands on Date and Time dimensions through Period Options within the Reports module. This feature opens endless possibilities and enables you to fetch data at granular hierarchies of date and time. You can create and associate any date and time dimensions with the report and the Lantern engine very efficiently fetches the accurate data accordingly.

Another unique feature of this component is its reusability; you can define these period dimensions once and re-use them as per requirement for same or other reports and also share the same with other users.

The period options are very strategically crafted into multiple options. Each of the option is associated with a specific Source (Data Container) Field and with these options various important and optional attributes are associated. All these features are packaged into a single unique interface that varies with user interaction and the date and time settings configured are used by Lantern Engine to fetch data accordingly.


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