Announcing Lantern v4

BI, Advanced Visualization & Data Connectivity for the Enterprise.
Highlights of our newest release include:
  • Advanced date and time dimensions which enable end users to create dynamic dashboards, define custom calendars, analyze and view data for multiple date and time fields.
  • Code mapping which allows users to effortlessly contextualize data coming from different coding schemes across applications.
  • Real-Time Data integration based on a built-in connectivity module, which allows users to connect all applications and data sources without the need for an in-program memory store or external data archiving.


Learn more about the game-changing new features of Lantern v4 in our FAQ or Press Release.

The Lantern Edge

Lantern is an Enterprise-grade BI solution with a dynamic metadata architecture, coupled with a robust and flexible feature-set that consolidates the functionality of both Traditional BI and advanced Data Discovery.

  • Harmonizes and quickly accesses all data sources across your enterprise.
  • Builds self-service BI to increase IT productivity and business insight.
  • Provides centralized data governance, BI predictability and security for IT.
  • Simplified no coding required UI drastically reduces time, effort and cost.


Connectivity: Bring together data from anywhere and create reports.


Quickly bring together data from anywhere and create reports that show the full picture.

Lantern connects to databases, warehouses and spreadsheets in minutes; data teams can start producing valuable insights on the first day of deployment, bringing together data from all underlying data sets.


Speed: Roll out new reports incredibly fast.


Build meaningful reports in hours, not weeks, and make smarter, faster decisions.

Lantern automatically generates optimized SQL code and report layouts for each report; data teams can use Lantern's intuitive front-end interface to roll out new reports incredibly fast, with even the most complex data scenarios taking only a few hours.



Slice and dice data with infinitely configurable reports and extract meaningful, actionable insights.

Lantern automatically builds in hundreds of powerful features into each report; business users get reports that can be filtered in countless ways, and visualized as standard reports or as interactive dashboards, with live graphs and charts.

System Requirements

BI Reports and Dashboards

system requirements
System Requirements
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About Lantern
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Get real-time access to your data with Lantern BI, and instantly make the journey from data discovery to actionable information.

Lantern Key Features

Dynamic Metadata

Rapid processing and display of exponentially more information into a singular, interactive view.


Advanced algorithms for many common business scenarios available in a user-friendly interface to transform data into predictive outcomes.


Simplified user interface facilitates quick and secure integration of data from any and all sources throughout your enterprise.

Data Options

Maneuver data with reports that let you instantly build dynamic groups, nested crosstabs and much more, on any set of data.

Period Options

Quickly create highly complex, time-based data scenarios using a comprehensive front-end interface, and apply them to any report.

Report Output

Define the visual characteristics of each report with just a click, and view any set of data as a standard report, an analytics pivot table, or as a graph.


Export any report as graphs, charts, scorecards and gauges to analyze large amounts of data at a glance.

User Management

Comprehensive user log to track company-wide BI activity, and an extensive platform to define individual user rights.

Code Mapping

Report on and intelligently link together multiple data sets by easily mapping codes to Lantern's data code structure.

Publish and Subscribe

Systemically manage the flow of reports using the Lantern scheduler and automatically publish reports at defined times or subscribe to them.


Create alerts that automatically send exception reports or emails each time a metric goes outside your defined parameters.

Mobile BI

Lantern is mobile. Get real-time access to the information that matters, wherever you are.


Lantern automatically creates comprehensive balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows within seconds of installation - as per GAAP, IFRS and more.


Monitor key metrics in real-time with a set of over two hundred live business and financial ratios that bring together data from all company departments.

Data Security

Enterprise-grade data security, with detailed data authorizations and field-level control for each Lantern user.

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