The Lantern Edge
Ratios Avoid the pit-falls in Ratio analysis and usage Formulate, Categorize and Optimize Ratios for maximum efficiency Assign appropriate Ratios for key users

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.


Lantern ratios are analytics that represent the financial and operational performances of any business entity. There are numerous activities where large volumes of data are usually available, making it difficult for the right person to have the right information at the right time. Lantern Ratios are intended to provide analytical assistance to the key users according to their job roles within the organization as well as grouped based on the functional categories.

Lantern Ratios are comprised of more than 200 useful ratios which can derive opinions and better decision making. Each ratio is a tool to measure performance and identify problem areas in advance so that preventive actions may be taken that will keep business activities on the right track.

Lantern Ratios expedite the utility of your data by converting it into information for you. You start from a ratio result and have the control to drill down how it is calculated, what fields are used, what is the breakdown of data. Some key examples of how BI professionals successfully use Lantern ratios would be for:

  • Ratios’ results with measure
  • Detailed formula of ratio calculation
  • Drilldown of each ratio formula
  • Custom groupings of ratios
  • Breakdown ratio results for business segments, departments & branches
  • In-depth analytics using nested cross-tabs to compare current results with multiple prior results
  • Trend analysis of ratios’ results for multiple custom-defined period breakups
  • Dashboards with more focus on certain results
  • Extended or narrowed focus on ratios results of particular business segments


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