The Lantern Edge
User Management Reduce time, efforts and constraints on IT resources Secure role-based access and privileges across the enterprise Enhance and maintain data quality with a metadata-based approach to users

The Lantern platform gives you the power to harmonize data from any source and quickly turn it into actionable insight.

User Management

User Management within the Lantern Platform allows IT and BI professionals to manage and implement complex hierarchies of users, which can be coupled with roles. It ensures secured and controlled interaction with Lantern and other integrated applications. Lantern provides a platform that allows you to create an unlimited number of users, roles, role groups and user groups which easily maintains their associations and hierarchies. In Lantern, a user is the entity that interacts with the system based on a specific set of permissions called a role. Lantern treats the user and role as objects, which are created only once and, subsequently, can be reused.

Lantern uniquely identifies various groups of different modules, which are called Security Groups. They permit the application of granular level permissions to either roles or role groups. Ultimately, these permissions affect the interaction of users or user groups with the system.

In an object-oriented security architecture, users and their roles are treated as objects. This enables administrators to define security rights as an object, which needs to be done only once. Subsequently, they can be propagated and reused across various systems throughout the enterprise. This ensures centralized and efficient rights management, which is not supported by most traditional security architectures which are currently available. Additionally, Lantern provides the ability to audit the rights—by automatically updating the record of users, as well as their data access levels based on their designations and authorizations.


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