Syncloft is a Point-of-Sale (POS) software company with a modern data engine that manages retail inventory and seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms.Syncloft’s customers are small and medium sized retail businesses, who use the platform to manage and track their warehouse and in-store inventory, as well as push the live inventory to leading e-commerce platforms.


Rising Development Costs

Syncloft had to maintain a dedicated team of programmers who would configure reports and dashboards for customers

Competitive Edge in the Market

With increasing competition and attrition in the POS space, Syncloft needed to constantly maintain their competitive edge with new features and functionality

Missed Revenue Opportunities

In order to gain the in-depth data analytics that they required, Syncloft’s customers were relying on external BI solutions

Build or Buy?

Syncloft didn’t want to invest in developing a full suite of BI functionality, but wanted to completely maintain the look and feel of their application for their customers

Process & Solution

Embedded BI on the cloud

Syncloft opted for Modemetric Embed as their BI solution of choice, removing the high development cost that would have come with building their own BI tool and created new revenue channels

Self-service BI

Syncloft was able to empower their end users with easy to use Advanced Analytics


Our highly customizable UI allowed syncloft to seamlessly embed the solution on their product, matching their exact look, feel and theme.


We held training sessions with the Syncloft team, enabling them to create dashboards, integrate data between apps, and learn full UI/UX customization


• Syncloft was able to move 6 of their 8 programmers on the Analytics team to their core application, with Modemetric Embed automating most report building

• Increased Customer Engagement with Syncloft’s application by 32% as a whole and 55% for business users by offering their customers highly configurable, insightful dashboards.

• Embedded the entire suite of BI functionality within one Analytics tab in the Syncloft application, maintaining a completely native experience for their customers.


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